Autism Symptoms

In accordance with the principles
of alternative medicine

*Autism is not an illness. Therefore, the purpose of the treatment is not to cure autism or act as a substitute for medical consultation or medicinal treatment.

About the Treatment

C.A.T (Customized Autism Treatment) is a treatment method that provides a tailored response to patients’ individual autism symptoms.

The treatment helps improve deficient metabolic processes by identifying the root of the problem and prescribing an individually-tailored treatment protocol.

טיפול באוטיזם רפואה משלימה

Tali Angor

Tali Angor

Tali Angor is the founder of the C.A.T method. Tali has a  degree in Medicinal Chemistry from Bar Ilan University, and is a licensed pharmacist (B.Sc. Pharm, The Hebrew University in Jerusalem).

In addition, Tali studied Naturopathy at Ben-Gurion University, specializing in nutrient supplements as part of an integrative clinical consultation. She is also a graduate of Levinsky College’s Autism Integrative Method Program.


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