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Hello dear parents,

Raising a child on the autism spectrum isn’t easy. It’s filled with daily hardship, frustration, helplessness and fatigue. I write from experience. As a mother to an amazing daughter who receded to autism at the age of one year and seven months, I can still remember how the experience shook my world to its core.

From a vibrant child who made eye contact and had a healthy appetite, she became non-verbal and detached. She began favoring simple carbs and inedible materials such as toilet paper.

טלי אנגור

I felt like my world was crumbling. Where do I go from here? What do I do?

I decided not to listen to the doctors and psychologists who kept telling me to “learn to live with the frustration”, and that “there’s nothing that can be done – it’s genetic”. I was in a dark place, yet I decided not to give up.

I realized that I must search for the biochemical factors that can cause my daughter to develop autism behavior symptoms. I sent hair, stool, urine and blood samples to leading labs all over the world. I conducted diverse testing such as GI-MAP, a test that examines feces to identify genetic segmentation and provide an accurate genetic diagnosis of intestinal contaminants, including pathogen bacteria and harmful fungus that emit toxics in the digestive system.

I conducted the O.A.T. test, which identifies the lack of nutrients and the existence of faulty metabolic processes. I conducted  comprehensive testing with one goal in mind – to identify the absence of nutrients and metabolic problems that were causing my daughter to suffer. The results served as a biochemical map in which I was able to find a logical explanation to my daughter’s behavior problems.

After treatment that included detoxification, the addition of vital minerals and a response to metabolic problems, my daughter’s condition improved after several months. She is no longer on the autism spectrum and is no longer in a special kindergarten. As a woman of faith, I am thankful to god above.  

We can improve our children’s conditions. Autism symptoms can be reduced. It is important to act as soon as possible. Autism is not a condition we must learn to live with. It is condition with a biochemical source, which we must uncover – in order to alleviate the symptoms.

I’ll sum it all up by writing that the autism spectrum storm is not only external. It begins from within.

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